Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Moving, Well Written Storyline....

When I was searching for links for my interview with Sinclair Sexsmith about Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, I stumbled across two reviews of the book I hadn't seen before. Seeing as how they both mention me -- in ways that delight me -- I thought I'd share these snippets with you.

Nikki Magennis of the fabulous [PANK] Magazine ("a place inhabited by contradictions, a place of quirk and startling anomaly") had this to say in her review of BLE 12:
In the hands of skilled writers, wall to wall sexual action can be turned into beautifully observed prose. . . . WHEN YOU CALL by Sharon Wachsler is a wonderfully complex and ambiguous piece playing with love, bodily failings and emotional weakness. Wachsler maintains a high level of eroticism as an integral part of a moving, well written storyline that calls for rereading. Probably my favourite story in the book.
There was also this mention in the Advocate, by editor Diane Anderson-Minshall, a hero of the queer literary world: Advocate Bookshelf: The Best One-Handed Reads
After however many years this series has been going, it's hard to believe [Kathleen] Warnock was able to find new material. But indeed she and guest judge Sinclair Sexsmith did, and some of the lusty contributions in this edition rival those of the early years. Among the surprises are Sharon Wachsler, Annie Grip, and Kiki Delovely, all filthy-minded women you'll likely hear more of in years to come.
Thank you both for making my day!


  1. Oh, hey, your story is incredible, Sharon. Thanks for writing it!