Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sudden Sex Blog Tour: Kiki DeLovely

A woman and a man in an embrace about to kiss with the man's hand in the woman's long red hair and the woman pulling off the man's tank top. The words Sudden Sex are near the bottom of the page in pink and yellow script. Below that it says, 69 sultry short stories. Below that, it says Edited by Alison Tyler, editor of the bestselling Frenzy.

I'm pickled tink to be in another new Alison Tyler anthology and to be reviewing another author's contribution.

I've enjoyed Kiki DeLovely's fiction in a number of lesbian and mixed erotica anthologies, so I was curious what I'd find when I snuggled up with "For the Moment" for the Sudden Sex Blog Tour.

I was not disappointed! It seems that Kiki's narrator and I have a fantasy in common: being the sole femme in a menage with two butches.
My ultimate butch-on-butch fantasy coming to life. I had felt them moving on top of me -- knew it was inevitable and was quite pleased it was happening so soon -- sensed its fruition just in time to catch that first glimpse of my own personal goddess-sent, ambrosia-dripping dream
The story starts out right in the thick of the action -- with hands, mouths, and cocks already in intense, hot action. It's a little breathtaking.

Then Kiki backs up to reveal a bit of how the characters came together (no pun intended) -- the narrator, and her lover, and an ex -- and we get a chance to enjoy the sweetness of their connection. This taste of back story deepened my enjoyment of the hot and heavy action. I also particularly liked the the chemistry between the two butches, who got to get as good as they gave.
I had never before been so filled in my life, had never been able to take so much. But then again, I had never been offered quite so much either.
Like all the stories in Sudden Sex, "For the Moment" is a short morsel. But it is very (ful)filling.