Assorted Writing Online

"One of the funniest writers around" --Steven E. Brown, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Institute on Disability Culture
Want to read more of my writing? In addition to my blog posts at After Gadget, you can read some of my fiction, poetry, and essays in the online magazines and journals below. 

To see some of the books that I'm in, please visit the pages, "My Published Nonfiction & Essays" and "My Published Erotica."

Please note: Some of these are current or archived, and some of them I've found through the Way Back Machine. In most cases, the contact information is outdated. Please don't use those addies. To contact me, please use my contact form at After Gadget. Thank you!

Access notes: Breath & Shadow and Wordgathering were designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. I think the other sites are basically accessible. Doorknobs & Body Paint used to have frames, but I believe they've changed this and that the links below work with a screen reader. If I'm wrong, please let me know!

Flash Fiction and Short Stories
  • Doorknobs & Body Paint, Issue 37, "The Barn"


    Humor Columns: 

    • Several of my cartoons are up at my website, Sick Humor Postcards. (Including text descriptions of cartoons.) 11 of my cartoons and one of my poems, "The EI Avenger" are available for sale there, as well! The contact information, including my email address, is out of date on that site. If you have questions, please comment here or use the contact form at After Gadget.